As the middle of February rolls around (cough Valentine’s Day cough cough) it’s easy to forget the most important Valentine of them all -- yourself.

Yes, you. You are important, one of a kind, and full of unique energy. And as such, you deserve to tell yourself that every day. In fact, here at BOHINDI we have a BOHINDI Ritual of Self Love that we try to practice daily. It’s easy and the effects are so rewarding -- a great, simple way to treat yourself each and every day!

Try this:

When you wake up in the morning, take a second to sit with yourself and your thoughts, appreciating your energy and your incredible potential for the day. Don’t grab your phone or laptop yet -- simply spend a moment with yourself. Think of three things that you love about yourself, and focus on these things. They can be anything, from how you have a great energy and ability to connect with people to the way you make a delicious cake that everyone raves about. Be creative, think of new traits everyday! As you meditate, compliment yourself and appreciate these attributes -- you are unique and amazing!

Also known as the crystal of unconditional love, the Rose Quartz is a great addition to your BOHINDI Ritual of Self Love. Keep your Rose Quartz in a place where you can see it often, such as your bedside table or by your favorite reading nook. A great way of opening the heart chakra, experience the positive energy of compassion and joy that your Rose Quartz will bring.

As you meditate on your intention of self love, a great addition to your practice is incorporating essential oils and engaging your sense of smell. Our favorite for the BOHINDI Ritual of Self Love is the Fierce Heart essential oil blend by SEKOIA. Wild harvested and infused with rosewood, tansy, spruce and frankincense, the Fierce Heart instills courage, self-confidence and focus. We recommend dropping some oil onto your favorite BOHINDI rosewood wrap and allowing the oil to diffuse its wonderful properties over the course of the day.

Practicing self-love should not be a chore. It’s a way of appreciating yourself, allowing more positive energy into your life and enjoying every moment as it comes. Don’t stress if some days are harder than others, or you forget to appreciate your amazing abilities. Self Love is a process, a journey that will take time, and the ups and downs are what will shape you into your best self. So enjoy the ride!

From the hearts of our team at BOHINDI, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and a life full of love!

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