Living with intention (LWI) isn’t a new concept, but it is one that Bohindi’s owner, Jamie, practices every day by following one rule: keep it simple. “It” meaning home life, work life, relationships, nutrition/health and mental wellness.

It’s never too late to improve any part of your life that you feel needs more attention. Try to begin your morning with consciously choosing to be calm and happy no matter what happened before bed or if you had a restless sleep. In the words of Taylor Swift, “shake it off". Today is a new day and thankfully, coffee (and tea!) helps most less than happy moods improve.


Write down 5 things that make you utterly happy and grateful -

Try this: wrap your hands around your favorite warm mug. Nestle into a comfortable and quiet place in your house.  Take the time to look out a window or just close your eyes and breathe intentionally and deeply. Sit still. Don’t think about what lies ahead in your day. Just focus on that moment - whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour. Appreciate what you can. 

That is just one example of LWI but that’s how it can begin. Making any sized effort to live in the moment and appreciate life’s simplicity, while never forgetting to breathe through the stressful/anxious/emotional moments is a notable start. Easier said than done, right? Please remember that this is a practice that takes time, patience and consistency. But you can do this and we will help you by sharing what works for our team.


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our post. LWI means showing gratitude and truly appreciating the efforts of others in support of our small local business. So again,
thank you.

Please tell us how you LWI in the comments below!





I can’t wait to read more about “LWI”.

Antonia January 17, 2017

Love this!

Samantha January 08, 2017

Thank you for a reminder to relax and reflect! Little efforts can make all the difference. Well written and motivational! Thank you!!

Strawberry Princess January 07, 2017

I adore this post. Thank you for a simple way to start this process. I’m boiling water now and ready to accept that my life needs more personal focus. ?

Brooklyn January 06, 2017

I like the elaboration – summarizes it well. I find another interesting aspect of this is when you are able to practice this, but you also have too many intentions…then you also have to be mindful of your intentions, fun challenge as well.

Kris from Wisonsin January 05, 2017

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