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Posted on June 22 2016

Obtaining balance in our everyday lives helps us to feel relaxed and calm, therefore going about our busy schedules with ease and good judgement. Having balance allows us to better deal with difficult situations - keeping the outside world from shaking our inner world.

A wonderful skill to obtain balance from the start is to wake up in the morning with a positive mindset. Instead of dwelling on the challenges of the day, tell yourself what a wonderful day you are going to have.

Each piece of BOHINDI jewelry is handcrafted in our studio, focusing its design on the well-being and benefits of the wearer. Below are our teams top 6 picks to help aid in obtaining balance in one or multiple areas of the wearer's life.



SHOP Clear Quartz Necklace No. 1  The clear quartz enhances the wearer's energ

y, power, clarity, focus and helps to dispel negativity and unwanted energy. 

SHOP Awakening Bodhi Bracelet  The Bodhi beads are from what is known as the "Tree of Enlightenment." They represent spiritual promise and possibility. 

SHOP Beaded Quantum Quartz Necklace Magnesite beads gracefully adorn a clear quartz centerpiece on this quantum  necklace. Magnesite is a relaxing and calming stone that is great for creative visualization and imagination. A few metaphysical properties include: clarity . passion . joy . stress relief . calming . detoxifying

SHOP Om Wrap Bracelet In the Yogi practice, OM represents the vibration of the Earth; or the past, present, and future.

SHOP Moonstone & Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet This essential oil diffuser bracelet is a must have for everyday. Moonstone is a calming stone that encourages the teachings of the natural rhythms of life. It can also be a stone worn for protection. The oil diffusing lava stone is stabilizing and grounding. For a complete list of essential oils, click here

SHOP Chakra Necklace Collection Each of our 7, 14-k gold filled chakra necklaces aid the wearer in enhancing their weaker chakras. The simple Y shape and delicate charm makes it the perfect piece for everyday. 

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