The Spiritual Awakening Collection features hand strung bodhi seeds and yogic inspired charm pendants- beautiful when layered with others or solo.

Bodhi seeds come from the tree known as the "bodhi tree"—the type of tree the Buddha was meditating under when he attained complete enlightenment.
Bodhi seeds represent spiritual promise and possibility, a sense of dedication and faith in nurturing the “seed” of practice.


Small Disk Charm Crystal
Antique Gold
  • this listing is for 1 (one) bracelet
  • stretchy bracelet (6.5" small, 7" standard - custom sizes available upon request)
  • 12-14mm bodhi seeds with gold accents
  • Small Disk Charm Crystal
    Antique Gold
     antiqued charm .5"
    Small Disk Charm Crystal
    Antique Gold
  • each piece of jewelry will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in its very own beautiful BOHINDI signature gift box.
  • handmade by us in Columbus, Ohio
  • please contact us with any questions