Shipped worldwide the BOHINDI brand presents collections of mindful and intentional designed accessories and wellness essentials. We suggest you take the following steps to best care for your BOHINDI jewelry and accessories.

BOHINDI jewelry is hand made - the metal components we use are either 14k gold filled, sterling silver, pewter or brass. All earring hooks and posts are nickel free. This includes the sterling silver and gold filled earring hooks. We are mindful when sourcing our components and always purchase nickel free, however, even though all cautions are taken, we advise that traces of nickel may be found in our jewelry.

Our gold-filled jewelry is a lifetime gold product that, unlike plating, will never flake, peel or rub off. A thick sheet of 14k gold (100 times thicker than plating) is permanently bonded to a base metal that leaves only gold touching the skin. This technique is a more affordable alternative to buying solid 14k gold; and looks, wears and feels exactly like solid gold

Always keep your BOHINDI jewelry stored in a box or bag. Exposure to air will tarnish certain metals. Be sure to remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering or swimming. Water/motion and jewelry do not mix. Shine with 100% cotton or jewelry cloth. You can polish your sterling, bronze or brass pieces up to a high glossy shine or allow them to darken and age. It's up to you. Please be mindful when wearing your jewelry, as jewelry is delicate. Inspect regularly. Something wrong? Contact us! Damage from careless wear is not the responsibility of BOHINDI

BOHINDI jewelry is made by hand, therefore, each piece will vary slightly. Please take special care of embellished pieces & refrain from getting perfume, moisturizer or hairspray on them.

Each BOHINDI product is carefully hand constructed from the highest quality materials. Given the delicate nature of a hand made process, we offer a 6 month warranty on all BOHINDI pieces from date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing faults (does not cover neglect or wear & tear) and at our discretion we will replace or repair your damaged product.

Please contact us directly regarding any warranty claim at info@bohindi.com