Tea ceremony with the alchemy of sound - JAN 28


Cha Dao "The Way of Tea" is a practice that descends from a long ancient Chinese lineage. For thousands of years, Tea has been used as a plant medicine and a way to cultivate awareness. It’s beauty and power is awakened by the simplicity of hot water.

Through the sharing in ceremony, we connect with nature, ourselves and each other. Tea is a powerful yet very gentle teacher in truth. As we sit in silence with this heart-centered plant medicine, we raise our awareness and turn inward to listen quietly.

After a brief Introduction, the ceremony will begin in silence often accompanied by music appropriate for the ceremony. Three to four rounds of Bowl Tea will be shared in silence and full awareness to all of our senses. The ceremony then flows into an alchemy of vibrational sound using Himalayan bowls, crystals and the gong.  This 30-40 minute sound bath will allow the reflections of our tea ceremony to reach higher states of consciousness.  The ritual ends with a voluntary period of reflection and sharing. 

TEACHER | Byron Henry

Location | BOHINDI | 2134 Arlington Ave.