Your stepping stone to vibrating at your full potential.
Made with Mother of Pearl and Clear Quartz each carefully hand-knotted. Personalized with a simple gilded feather representing flight and freedom while remaining grounded with a beautiful smoky quartz teardrop pendant.

Mother of Pearl | Protection

Known as the stone of protection Mother of pearl brings gentle healing energy of the sea. Relieving stress and promoting relaxation The Mother of Pearl helps our emotions to become more harmonious and balanced

Clear Quartz | Clarity

Quartz can help open up the mind and is an essential tool to manifesting your intentions. Radiating positive energy the quartz in known to eliminate negative energy blockages and allow for clear positive energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.

Smoky Quartz | Grounding + Balance

Guiding you to a higher state of being the Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone known for it's ability to help you move on from memories of the past that do not serve you.


  • 8mm mother of pearl and clear quartz beads
  • brass and gold accents
  • beautifully packaged in signature BOHINDI box