Pop-up 7/20 at BOHINDI Wellness Market 11-1p 

Chakra Pops was created by the mother-daughter duo, inspired by their quest for healthier, all-natural freeze pop alternatives. Recognizing the need for delicious treats free from artificial coloring and additives, they set out to craft frozen pops that not only taste great but also promote well-being.

Harnessing their passion for wellness and creativity, they developed a range of vibrant, nutrient-packed freeze pops using only natural ingredients. Each pop is thoughtfully crafted to align with the body’s energy centers, providing a refreshing way to enjoy a mindful treat. Chakra Pops are more than just a snack—they’re a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, one delicious pop at a time.

Made with 100% real organic fruit and vegetables. No artificial sweeteners, Chakra Pops are crafted to deliver pure, vibrant flavors while promoting well-being.

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