“Energy flows where intention goes” A mantra that founder and designer Jamie Riley (AKA BOHINDI) repeats often.

With a long family history and strong passion for entrepreneurship and design, Riley's first venture led her to ownership of a live music venue in 2003 featuring local, regional and national acts. Thereafter she launched her first e-commerce business in 2006 specializing in jewelry keepsakes inspired by  indescribable moments in time that touch our lives and hearts.

In 2013 Riley put the finishing touches on the Arlington Ave. space that is now BOHINDI, a lifestyle brand inspiring mindful living and self-care through intentional jewelry design and everyday calming essentials for mindful living + giving. Riley strongly believes in the power of intention and supports this belief through her designs and most recent passion project The BOHINDI Bead Bar where you can design + create your very own intention bracelet choosing from a curated collection of energy infused gemstone beads each with their own intention.

Riley enjoys hiking, yoga, videography, cooking for family and friends and indulging in anything chocolate related.  Born and raised in the beautiful Midwest, Riley resides in Columbus, Ohio with her loving and supportive husband, darling daughter and their dog named Ahnu. (everyday is Ah-nu day)