BOHINDI a lifestyle brand inspiring mindful living and self-care through intentional jewelry design and everyday calming essentials for mindful living + giving. Curated for the mind, body, and home by Jamie Riley

We are passionate about creating collections that are as intentional as they are beautiful. Each item within a collection has been individually made by either our in house production team, local makers or by our partners around the globe. Carefully packaged in our studio located in Upper Arlington, OH. It is our hope by producing and consuming mindfully, we can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste and truly love the jewelry and essentials which we surround ourselves. To do that, we focus on three things:

We strive to create designs that have a purpose and can serve as a simple and beautiful reminder of the conscious life we aspire to live.

Many of our pieces are provided through a collection of natural stones, vintage finds, and many other natural environmentally conscious resources from global and local travel, making each one a bit different than the next.

We aspire to create each piece of BOHINDI jewelry by hand in our studio with the help of local makers providing economic growth within our community.