Uplift the spirit and set your intention for abundance. Explore the unique, powerful possibilities within you. Remember that when you work on improving yourself, you're adding to the youth, vitality and beauty of your mind.


  • .5 fl oz bottle of energy infused UPLIFT essential oil (Grapefruit & Jojoba Oil)
  • 1 stick of Palo Santo wood 
  • Oil diffusing intention bracelet with citrine center stone
  • 1 tumbled citrine crystal
  • Bohindi signature keepsake bag for your essentials


Uplift Essential Oil + Diffusing Bracelet 

Affirmation: I see abundance all around me.

Oil Dropper 15 ml - .5 oz

Rosewood + Citrine beaded diffusing bracelet. Simply apply a few drops of oil to the wood beads and breathe. Aromatherapy anywhere, anytime.


Intention: Abundance

Carrying the power of the sun, citrine energizes every level of life. A must have for keeping creative ideas flowing brightly and abundantly.

Chakras: Solar Plexus 

Palo Santo

Cleanse your energy. Find your calm. Connect with your intentions.

The BOHINDI Palo Santo is sustainably harvested from the dry forests of Ecuador and Peru.  To maintain the manifestation of the sacred medicinal and metaphysical properties carried by Palo Santo, collection is only done after the tree has died naturally and has lain undisturbed in its native environment for many years.