Take a moment to set your intention for the day as you bless your home. Allow positivity, protection and calming energies to fill your sacred space. 

Intentionally curated; this bundle set is designed to keep your home cleansed from negativity while attracting peace, love and protection to you and your home.

What's Inside: 

- Mini Sacred White Sage Stick: this aromatic plant herb cleanses the air and helps rid the space of negative energy so you can begin to attract positivity, peace, love and protection into your home. 

- Palo Santo: a natural wood incense that combats negative energy. A sacred remedy for purifying and cleansing, as well as to get rid of negative thoughts and misfortune. 

- Abalone: to hold your crystals or smudge stick. The abalone shell is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. Each abalone shell varies slightly from one to the next.  4”

- White Crystal Geode:  Absorbs tension and stress as it repels radiation and EMF risks from your surroundings. Crystal Geodes helps inspire a calm mind and relaxes the spirit. We recommend placing your geode in your room or office to create a flow of chi energy in the room and around you. 

- Step-by-Step instructions: discover how to cleanse your space from negative energy and unwanted bacteria.