Pause, breathe and realign with BOHINDI Beads in our all-inclusive experiential DIY Intention Bracelet Kit. All materials needed to create your very own intention bracelet included in each kit.

A meditative and creative way to connect with your intentions while nurturing self-care, family connection and daily rituals. 

BOHINDI Meditation Beads serve as a simple reminder of the intentions you set. They can be used in meditation for keeping count while reciting or mentally repeating your intention.

Intentions are the fuel that manifests dreams and desires. Every intention sets energy into motion, whether conscious or not. They help bring more clarity to our life, especially if that seed is planted right before you start your meditation or daily ritual.

BOHINDI’s Signature Wood Beads are designed to diffuse essential oils. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the bracelet, reapplying as needed. Aromatherapy anywhere, anytime. View our line of Essential Oils HERE


each kit comes complete with the following:

  • 35 rosewood beads
  • 1 Intention stone bead
  • 2 metal disk bead spacers
  • 14” stretch cord 
  • instruction guide 
  • BOHINDI signature incense + rough cut crystal and  BOHINDI linen pouch to store your mediation beads