ENERGY CLEANSING BUNDLE | sage. palo santo. selenite.


Set your intention for the day as you clear any unwanted energy that no longer serves you. Allow positivity, protection and calming energies to fill your sacred space with our energy cleansing bundle of white sage, palo santo and selenite.

The Bundle Includes: 

- Mini Sacred White Sage Stick: this aromatic plant herb cleanses the air and helps rid the space of negative energy so you can begin to attract positivity, peace, love and protection into your home. 

- Palo Santo: a natural wood incense that combats negative energy. A sacred remedy for purifying and cleansing, as well as to get rid of negative thoughts and misfortune.

- Selenite: The ultimate crystal for cleansing and clearing energies and auras while instilling a deep peace and calm over the mind and body. It’s fine vibration brings clarity f the mind, opening the crown and higher crown chakras. A powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions, selenite clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture.

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