White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is traditionally used as a space clearing plant, to remove negative energy indoors and out. Its fresh herbal fragrance rejuvenates the mind and enhances mental clarity and memory.

The ancient practice of burning White Sage for cleansing has roots in Native American tradition. Shamans burned sage over a fire to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom, and longevity. The practice of burning sage is sacred in many communities and deserves our respect. It’s something we should do with intention, reverence, and deep gratitude to those who did it before us.

*Our Global Shaman Native American smudges are sustainably harvested by Native Americans. A portion of sales supports a Native American reservation cooperative, an initiative that is providing hope for a community in poverty. The different herbs used in our smudges are grown and harvested by Native Americans in a sustainable manner that preserves their natural habitat. Our smudges are packaged in biodegradable bags, with eco-friendly hangtags, in keeping with our commitment to the environment.


  • Includes one White Sage stick
  • How to use instruction card
  • Signature BOHINDI keepsake bag