We would love to welcome you into our sacred space at BOHINDI or transform your space into a jewelry-making sanctuary!

BOHINDI provides all of the supplies your guests need to design and create their custom energy infused jewelry.

Hosting your own BOHINDI Bead Bar Workshop is easy...

So gather your soul-friends, set a date and time that allows for fun and creativity, and we'll do the rest!


  • we require a minimum of 8 people and can accommodate parties of up to 12 people. Our events and workshops held at BOHINDI are intimate in scale - creating an atmosphere of privacy and exclusivity. (Have a larger space? we can accommodate up to 25 people)
  • the BOHINDI Bead Bar can travel to you! or you can reserve the BOHINDI space 
  • we will provide you with a menu of intentional workshops to choose from 
  • we create the event information and provide the host with a link to their event page

If you are interested in hosting a BOHINDI Bead Bar workshop experience please send email to with

  • location of event (BOHINDI or a space you choose)
  • number of participants committed
  • date and time
  • phone number where we can reach you and one of our team members will be in touch within 24 hours

Want to attend a regularly scheduled BOHINDI workshop? Click HERE to view upcoming events + workshops

Our carefully curated workshops and zen inspired experiential events can be tailored toward a fun and inspiring girls night out, yoga retreat, bridal party, corporate team building, or a creative community giveback. Please contact us for more information.