Restore & Recharge Journal


365 days to restore and recharge self-care journal.

Journaling evokes mindfulness and helps writers remain present while keeping perspective. It presents an opportunity for emotional catharsis and helps the brain regulate emotions. It provides a greater sense of confidence and self-identity.

One of the biggest benefits of journaling is the ability to track your emotions. Writing your thoughts down helps to process what you feel and why. By tracking your emotions, you can work out patterns. It is easier to establish what triggers positive feelings and what triggers negative feelings.

The 365 days to restore and recharge self-care journal is divided into 4 sections: 

1. The self-care check-up: This section allows you to pause and ask yourself if your needs are being met in all areas of your life. Taking inventory of your feelings is an essential step to plan a self-care routine that is tailored to your needs and goals.

2. The barriers: In this section, you will identify the barriers that could interfere with your self-care goals. How will you address them? What strategies will you develop to ensure you will incorporate self-care into your daily life?

3. The plan: This is the main section of the journal, helping you to incorporate self-care into your daily routine and giving you a daily space to track your practice. It also includes space for writing down your daily intentions, gratitude and plan the next day.

4. Assessments: Guiding you through evaluating your practice regularly. Are you finding any benefits from it? Tweak your plan if necessary; remain flexible and continue to listen to what your body and your mind need as your needs will change over time.

My Self-Care vision board
My Self-Care checkup
The barriers
The Self-Care menu
The Self-Care Plan
365 days of: daily intentions, daily self-care, daily gratitude
End of year review
End of year vision board

Elegant cloth cover
200 pages
120gsm paper
2 ribbon markers
Hardback binding

Foiled gilt edging
Foiled cover and spine
165mm (W) x 210mm (H)

The journal comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, sticker, thank you card and exclusive mailer.

NOTE: A well loved journal will show some signs of love and use. Scratches and marks are normal and to be expected (foiled areas are especially susceptible). Please look after your journal by being careful not to put things on top of it (hot drinks, dirty hands and anything that can scratch the surface of the journal are a no-no) and by paying attention to how you store it. We do not recommend using Sharpie pens.

Please do not use marker pens or sharpies as these will bleed through the pages.